Miscellaneous Skeptical Resources

The James (Amazing) Randi Educational Foundation

The Skeptics' Society and Skeptic Magazine, edited by Michael Shermer

Learn everything about hoaxes from the online Museum of Hoaxes

Can a Dog do Arithmetic? See my article, 100 Plus One From a Dalmation.

 The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe.

The Bay Area Skeptics, Northern California.

The East Bay Skeptics Society - of California (Oakland, Berkeley, and thereabouts).

New Mexicans for Science and Reason - tons of cool stuff.

The Skeptic's Dictionary of Robert T. Carroll
Dr. Stephen Barrett's Quackwatch!

Junk Science - Putting it in its place. (The trash heap, not the court room!)

American Council on Science and Health - combatting health misinformation and hysteria.

 Doubtful News , edited by Sharon Hill.

The new and improved Journal of Irreproducible Results , edited by Bay Area Skeptic Norm Sperling

The False Memory Syndrome Foundation, assisting the victims of false allegations based on so-called "Recovered Memories". According to an article in Feminism & Psychology (6:1 p.7, 1996), the FMSF "emerges as an accomplice of the mental health establishment and a leading force in the heteropatriarchal backlash against women". Wow!

Operation Clambake   Operation Clambake,  exposing the "Church" of $cientology.

  Before you send those cards off to poor little Craig Shergold, first read Snopes.com .

Much-hyped author Robert Anton Wilson claimed skeptics are waging a "New Inquisiton" against supposed "heretics". Here is my answer to Wilson. In a similar vein, Jim Lippard shows how specious Wilson's claims are.

The home page of Gary Posner of the Tampa Bay Skeptics. Information debunking various psychics, seers, questionable medical claims, etc.

The Skeptic Report - Pay attention to the writing on the wall!

Doug Weller's critiques of Cult Archaeology

In The Mismeasure of Man, Steven Jay Gould highlighted the errors of long-dead theorists about human intelligence, accusing contemporary intelligence researchers of making the same mistakes. His book, implying that intelligence research is fundamentally tainted by racism, sexism, and pseudoscientific practice, was widely read and for the most part uncritically accepted, even though the reviews of it in Science (215:4533 5 Feb. 1982, p. 656) and Nature (296:5857, 8 April 1982, p. 506) were quite critical. Few people have ever seen Jensen's reply to Gould, in which the disingenuousness of Gould's attack is laid bare.

Postmodernist Philosophy

teaches that science and knowledge are part of a Western Capitalist Imperialist Patriarchal plot to Oppress the Powerless.

See how easy it is to generate your very own impressive (but ultimately nonsensical) Postmodernist paper. (Read it carefully - it is not the same each time - it only sounds like it is!)

Books Debunking Currently-Fashionable Postmodernist Nonsense:
Higher Superstition - the Academic Left and its Quarrels with Science by Paul R. Gross and Norman Levitt.
The Flight from Science and Reason by Paul R. Gross (editor).
A House Built on Sand : Exposing Postmodernist Myths About Science by Noretta Koertge (editor).
Fashionable Nonsense : Postmodern Intellectuals' Abuse of Science by Jean Bricmont and Alan D. Sokal.
Manifesto of a Passionate Moderate : Unfashionable Essays by Susan Haack.

Why I Am Not A Postmodernist by Edward R. Friedlander, M.D. Lots of good references.

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